Elevate Your Community Experience at Oldfield's River Club

Every vibrant community deserves a hub for gathering, and at Oldfield, that place is the River Club. As our oldest building steeped in historical significance, it serves as the heart of our community, offering a space for dining, relaxation, and meaningful conversations.

Designed to embrace the scenic beauty of the Okatie River, the River Club provides panoramic views of the marsh and river, making it a cherished spot for connecting with friends while soaking in breathtaking sunsets. Indulge in delectable Lowcountry cuisine, with the option to dine al fresco on the upper porch, creating unforgettable evenings against the backdrop of the river and marsh.

The River Club sets the stage for numerous Club events and serves as a beloved venue for members' children's wedding celebrations, adding to its allure and charm.

Discover Limitless Adventures at the Outfitters Center

Nestled along the riverfront, the Outfitters Center stands as a testament to architectural elegance and serves as the gateway to our vibrant riverfront lifestyle at Oldfield.

Explore endless miles of river and marshlands through captivating experiences, whether embarking on early morning kayak excursions to observe playful dolphins or enjoying midday paddle board outings for a refreshing workout on the water.

For fishing enthusiasts, our guided fishing experiences offer a diverse array of options, from fly fishing for reds on the marsh flats to pursuing tarpon and cobia in the Sound, or venturing offshore for thrilling bluewater trolling and bottom fishing adventures aboard our two Oldfield-owned boats.

For those who prefer independent boating, the Outfitters Center provides private storage and launch services for personal boats, granting Oldfield Members full access to our cherished resource – the river.

Immerse yourself in the unparalleled experiences awaiting you at the Outfitters Center and embrace the essence of riverfront living at Oldfield.

Magnolia Room & River Club Dining: Indulge in Culinary Delights at Oldfield's Magnolia Grill

Experience casual dining at its finest at the Oldfield Clubhouse's Magnolia Grill, where every visit promises an array of culinary delights to suit every palate. Whether you're in the mood for a relaxed lunch featuring a variety of sandwiches, soups, and salads, or unwinding with friends and family over drinks at our well-stocked bar, there's a warm welcome awaiting you at The Magnolia Grill.

Join us on Thursday evenings for specially themed dinner events exclusively crafted for our esteemed Members, offering an opportunity to create cherished memories in the company of loved ones. Whether you're recharging after a round of golf or simply seeking a cozy ambiance to enjoy happy hour delights, The Magnolia Grill awaits, ready to make every moment memorable.

Immerse Yourself in Signature Dining at the River Club

At Oldfield, our riverfront venue sets the stage for a truly exceptional dining experience. Join us on Thursday and Friday nights for a culinary journey like no other, featuring a gourmet menu thoughtfully paired with carefully selected wine offerings, all amidst the timeless elegance of a Southern setting.

Weather permitting, dine al fresco on our porch and be enchanted by breathtaking views of the Okatie River, the tranquility of marshes, and the majestic Spanish moss-draped oaks gracing our lawn. It's a culinary experience that transcends the ordinary, transforming your evening into an unforgettable occasion filled with Southern charm and hospitality.

Outfitters Center: The Endless Outdoors

Discover the epitome of riverfront luxury at Oldfield's esteemed Outfitters Center, a captivating architectural marvel nestled along the river's edge. Serving as the gateway to our unparalleled riverfront lifestyle, the Outfitters Center opens doors to boundless exploration and discovery.

Embark on captivating journeys along miles of river and marshlands, whether it's an enchanting early morning kayak excursion to witness playful dolphins or a rejuvenating midday paddle board outing for a refreshing river workout.

For fishing enthusiasts, the Outfitters Center coordinates unforgettable guided fishing experiences tailored to your preferences. Whether you're casting for reds on the marsh flats, targeting tarpon and cobia in the Sound, or venturing offshore for exhilarating bluewater trolling and bottom fishing aboard our two exclusive Oldfield-owned boats, the options are limitless.

Prefer to chart your own course? The Outfitters Center offers private storage and launch services for personal boats, ensuring Oldfield Members enjoy unrestricted access to our most cherished resource – the river.

Unlock the door to extraordinary riverfront living and embark on unforgettable adventures at the Outfitters Center.

Nature: Discover Nature's Embrace at Oldfield

Nestled along the tranquil banks of the Okatie River, Oldfield epitomizes Lowcountry living, where nature takes center stage and offers unique experiences and discoveries daily.

The diverse ecosystems within our community harbor a rich tapestry of sea and wildlife. Our riverside docks are beloved hangouts for Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins, while the salt marshes teem with vibrant oyster beds, graceful stingrays, and more. Freshwater ponds dotting the landscape sustain their own thriving ecosystems.

As you explore our nearly 6 miles of nature trails meandering through maritime and hardwood forests, encounter deer, foxes, great blue herons, and an array of avian species, including majestic eagles. Educational signage along the trails highlights botanical names and seasonal foliage, enriching your understanding of our environment. Join our Naturalist-led nature walks, rides, and cruises for immersive learning experiences.

Oldfield is committed to preserving pollinator populations. Adorning our community entrance are four beehives, producing fresh batches of honey available for purchase at the Outfitters Center year-round. Engage in educational classes on bees and honey processing for both children and adults. Our revitalized community garden fosters partnerships between Nature staff and Member volunteers, yielding seasonal bounties.

Step into our Nature Center within the Outfitters Center for hands-on encounters with saltwater and freshwater aquariums, where you can interact with a variety of snakes and turtles.

Recognized as an Audubon "Neighborhood for Nature" since 2004, Oldfield attained Audubon Sustainable Community certification in 2018. Through education and conservation efforts, we promote environmental awareness and stewardship. Our sustainability journey, guided by Audubon International, focuses on environmental health, quality of life, and economic vitality.

Celebrating our successes, our community garden has flourished, boasting 31 beds and fostering a vibrant Children's Garden Club. Volunteerism thrives through the Oldfield Volunteer Committee (OVC), with over 100 members dedicated to community service projects enhancing our neighborhood and environment.

At Oldfield, our commitment to sustainability and community engagement ensures a harmonious balance between nature and modern living. Join us in preserving the beauty and vitality of our beloved Lowcountry haven.

History: Unveiling the Rich History of Oldfield

Delve into the captivating saga of Oldfield, a land steeped in centuries of heritage and tradition. The tale unfolds with a Lord Proprietor's grant in 1732 to Governor Robert Johnson, encompassing a parcel known as "Old Field." Long before, the Indian village of "Oketty" thrived nearby, home to a vibrant community of over 1,200 souls.

By 1752, the land changed hands, finding its way to Gabriel Manigault and later to Col. William Hazzard, a prominent planter and militia officer. Edward Wigg, a storekeeper from Port Royal Island, wed into the family, and the property earned the moniker "Wiggs Bluff" for generations. Regrettably, British troops razed the property in 1781, only to be rebuilt and later bombarded by Union gunboats in 1862.

Amidst murky ownership, Pauline Pratt Webel emerged as a custodian of the land, which also included the Goodhope Property near Ridgeland. In 1972, Robin Carrier assumed stewardship, commissioning the construction of the existing home by Savannah Architect Carl Helfrich and contractor James Artley. Carrier's tenure saw the land teem with life, from horses and pigs to bountiful harvests of soybeans, corn, and tomatoes. Weekends resonated with the thrill of hunting doves, ducks, deer, turkey, and wild boar.

In 1985, the property passed to a Hilton Head developer, who transformed it into a quarter horse farm and erected the iconic six-mile fence network that defines Oldfield's landscape.

The dawn of the modern era dawned in 1998, marking the birth of "Oldfield" as we now know it—an enclave of unparalleled beauty, history, and community spirit.

Oldfield Volunteer Corps: Unite, Volunteer, Thrive: The Oldfield Volunteer Corps

At Oldfield, residents share more than just proximity; they embody a wealth of talent, a strong sense of community, and an unwavering spirit of volunteerism. This spirit finds its embodiment in the Oldfield Volunteer Corps (OVC), a dynamic group committed to enhancing our beloved community.

It all began with a single day—a Volunteer Day in 2019—that blossomed into something extraordinary.

What began as a humble initiative evolved into the OVC, a beacon of passion, pride, and growth. Residents converged to leverage their skills for the betterment of Oldfield, undertaking projects like building a chicken coop at the Equestrian Center, painting a meditation room in the Sports Center, and expanding the Community Garden. These endeavors aimed not only to enhance our physical and natural environment but also to strengthen the bonds among neighbors.

The overwhelming success of the inaugural Volunteer Day fueled a desire for more. Residents discovered that even the smallest contributions made a tangible difference and fostered deeper connections within the community. There's an undeniable bond forged when neighbors roll up their sleeves and work together for a shared purpose.

Since its inception, the OVC has evolved, undertaking more ambitious projects and attracting a growing number of volunteers. Our community has grown closer, more vibrant, and more fulfilled as a result.

Join us in the joy of giving back and making a difference. Whether you're lending a helping hand or seeking opportunities to contribute, the Oldfield Volunteer Corps welcomes you to be part of our shared journey of community enrichment.